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Santa Maria Navarrese

Santa Maria Navarrese is set in a green hollow rich of olive trees, fig trees, carob and hackberries in the Mediterranean Scrub. The town bears the name of the church which was built in 1052 by the princess of Navarra, daughter of king Garcia Sanchez the fifth. She was likely expelled or ran away because of a court plot and when she reached

the shore she wanted to thank the Virgin Mary for having survived the shipwreck by the then known dreaded ‘Monti Insani’ (alias dicta ‘Mad Mountains’), now known as ‘Monte Santo’ (‘Saint Mountain’).

Accordingly to another version, the princess was kidnapped and forced to land in Ogliastra after coming out of a storm.  Legend tells that the princess and her retinue left for the peninsula of Sinis afterwards. The story has not been cleared and it still lay in between the hazy medioeval story and legend. The church originally had only one nave. Subsequently, it was first lengthened and then broadened adding two aisles. These new aisles took the place of the pre-existing ‘Cumbessias’ which were called ‘Errebustus’ by the locals.

This lovely little church, which raises from between the green hinterland and the sea is made of both stones and bricks. The roof is double-pitched covered by tiles and supported with eigth trusses of juniper. The church carried out civil and political services and was object of devotion for the people, judges and nobles who richly donated in its favour.