Limestone cliffs and bastions overhanging deep, crystal-clear waters and coves of white pebbles.
These are the distinctive features of Baunei coastline: 40 km of coastline along the southern part of the gulf, one of the wildest and most evocative stretches of the Mediterranean.

You cannot visit Baunei and miss a day by its sea. To do so, you can choose, for example, the central beach of S. Maria Navarrese and the relaxing walks along its shore. You can go to Pedralonga cliff, to plunge from its rocks into in the emerald green sea. What about renting a boat, letting the waves rock you gently? Or diving into the deepest blue and enjoy the beauty of the rocky seabed? You will admire many marvellous coves with your own eyes and dive into the crystal-clear waters of one of the most beautiful seas in Italy.

Places you will never forget.



The Supramonte of Baunei is home to hiking, with paths leading from the mountain to the sea and vertical walls, a real paradise for sport climbers.

Its unspoilt, wild nature is a combination of the strength and splendour of the sea and the energy of the rugged mountain landscapes. Above the village of Baunei, you will enjoy breath-taking views: from Gennargentu to the Gulf of Orosei, you will enjoy fairy-tale panoramas typical of postcards and photographs; then if you continue on 8 km of bends and hairpin bends, you will reach to the heart of the vast and silent Golgo plateau.

This plateau, with its numerous remains of the Nuragic period, is an open-air museum: here you will admire wells used to celebrate ancestral rites, domus de Janas, the giants' tombs, and almost twenty Nuragic complexes, placed like sentinels at the entrances to the valley. Lava flows on the limestone, ferns, moss-covered holm oaks and small ponds (As piscinas) will give you the impression of walking in prehistoric times.

Don't miss a visit to the country church dedicated to St. Peter (dating from the beginning of the 17th century), whose white façade stands out from the rest of the plateau.



The creeks of Baunei are inaccessible by land vehicles, an aspect that adds to their irresistible charm. You can get there directly from the sea, by boat or rubber boat, or on foot through the numerous (more or less arduous) trekking routes. However, once you reach your destination, the beauty that presents itself to your eyes will amply reward the effort of the journey.

One of the most popular treks in Europe is the Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue), which can take up to seven days. You can choose to do it with a local guide, on your own or ask for technical assistance for the more challenging parts. Before setting off on a trek, you should read the municipal ordinances regulating the excursions; in some cases, for safety reasons, you will have to communicate your presence within the territory of Baunei Supramonte.



For sports climbing enthusiasts, Baunei has recently become one of the most important centres in Ogliastra and Sardinia.

The vertical walls most sought after by lovers of this sport are Punta Caroddi, the spire of CalaGoloritzé; Pedra Longa, a 128-metre-high pointed pinnacle overhanging the sea; the wall of Villaggio Gallico and the equipped cliff located inside the tourist port of S. Maria Navarrese.

There are various styles of climbing and degrees of difficulty, for the most and least expert climbers.

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